Friday, November 22, 2013


Image is second result for search of "football yeah". No idea who it belongs to. Good for them.

I'm down $25 and have lost motivation to write for some reason. Weirdly lethargic. I need adderall.

Anyway, here's my bets this week:

6.5 POINT TEASER: Detroit -2.5 over Tampa and Denver/NE OVER 47.5, -120

I think Tampa could win this game, but I do think Detroit will. So I'm going to take Tampa straight up to cover 9 points, but at 2.5? Basically hedging my bets with a large possibility to 'middle' this one. I think Denver/NE over 47.5 is basically automatic. They gon' be flingin' it.


I think the Steelers win. Cleveland's defense is awesome but, one great CB isn't going to shut down the Steelers offense like it does the Cowboys or Lions of the world, as even though Antonio Brown is clearly their best WR, no one receiving threat makes this sad offense go. That and Cleveland's offensive showing last week suggests to me that with minimal pick-sixes, Pittsburgh should win this one and keep alive their hopes at getting blown out in the wild card round.

BEARS +1.0 @ ST. LOUIS -105

Same as above - I think the slight road dog wins. St. Louis has looked capable like, two or three times this season. They are coming off of a bye, sure, but I still think they are better at losing than they are at winning. Chicago has been surprisingly competent with Josh McCown and he's facing Kellen Clemens soooo just bet on it. Don't actually watch it.

6-POINT TEASER: DALLAS +8.5 @ NYG, OVER 40.5, -110

Not sure why I teased this, as I think Dallas will win straight up. NYG has put together the least-impressive four game winning streak I've ever seen...seriously, struggle to win v. Minnesota, 15-7 win v. Eagles and Matt Barkley/crippled Vick, struggle haaaard to win at home v. Oakland, and then a win over Scott Tolzein and co. The Cowboys are like the only healthy, decent quarterbacked team they've faced in a month. I guess I figured that over 40.5 is a lock as it will rain fumbles and pick-sixes, but get on Dallas in this one.


I think the Chargers "surprise" the world and beat KC straight up. San Diego is basically the second decent team they'll face to this point in the season that actually has a healthy QB. I don't think KC is that good so I'll take the points.

TAMPA BAY +9.0 @ DETROIT, -110

I also think the Bucs have a good shot here. And Detroit always lets me down. And this week they are the consensus survivor favorite, meaning they WILL fuck you if you pick them. Bucs should at least keep this one within a TD. Detroit hasn't actually beaten anybody by 7+ all season.

Let's get it.

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