Thursday, November 14, 2013


Ok, I'm down $12 after last week. Let's get it back, $10 per bet, starting with:


$100 wins $187, if you bet real actual monies.

Indianapolis has one terrible game and a line that should almost be double digits is 3. This seems a pretty healthy game to at least push (it started at -3.5). Ryan Fitzpatrick is leading the charge for the Titans. Read that again. Ryan Fitzpatrick is at the helm.

Bet against Ryan Fitzpatrick.

6-POINT TEASER: NE +8.5 @ CAR and OVER 40.0 -110

I think New England wins this one straight-up, and I think a relatively healthy number of points will be scored (MNF teams seem to be flingin' it this year), so I'll certainly take NE and eight and a half and over a middling total of 40. Seems like one of those 27-24 types. My only fear is Bad Cam showing up and sabotaging everything.


I'm liking the 6-point teasers as they have similar vigs to the straight up bets, and this one allows you to cross 10 off for GB and get the Bengals as a pick 'em in a game they should win. You can make a living at 60% hit rate on 6-point teasers (betting $100 and hitting 60% would leave you with $115). I think GB will easily keep it within 10 of the Eli Manning Pick-Six Express what with Tolzein actually practicing this week like he's going to play football, so I'm quite comfortable throwing them in with Cincy here. This is a huge game for the Bengals, at home, and they need to win it. As a Steeler fan, I hope they fuck it up, but I'm being pragmatic here.

6.5 POINT TEASER: AZ -0.5 @ JAX and DENVER -2.0 v. KC -120

Went with 6.5 instead of 6 so I could get AZ as a straight win. They should murder the Jags, that win they had last week was fluky as absolute fuck and while I have nightmares anytime I bet on Carson Palmer, I think this is a game they win like 95% of the time. It's my survivor pick this week, as Jaxmas has come and gone and I can now start backing Jags opponents. I wanted to tease this with Houston straight-up over Oakland, but the site wouldn't let me include that one in the teaser. As such, I'll throw Denver in because I think they'll win this going away. In hindsight, I should have thrown Denver into a 6 point teaser since the half-point is meaningless, but whatever.

6.5 POINT TEASER: INDY +3.5 and DETROIT +5 @ PITT -120

Do you see either of these teams losing by more than a field goal, if you see them losing period? I don't, give me my monayyyy!

This week's large teaser (5 team, 6.5 pt teaser, +350 odds) with all of my week 11 favorites and an over to tie it together:

AZ -0.5 @ JAX
INDY +3.5 @ TENN
DET +5.0 @ PITT
GB +11.5 @ NYG

Uh-oh. I have a lot riding on road teams.

Oh well, these saucy picks are guaranteed to pay big!

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