Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm Going to Bet on Spring Training Baseball.

I'm becoming a degenerate.

First, recap of yesterday - only saw one bet I realllllly liked, and that was Brooklyn Nets PLUS 2 POINT F-ING FIVE at New Orleans. NOLA sucks. Brooklyn was killing them early, somehow let them back in, but held on for the win. Pretty easy money, I'd think.

That moves me to 10-1.

As far as tonight, there aren't many games going and I didn't find anything I really wanted to pull the trigger on (although if you want to take some action there are a few NBA underdogs that look good and I also like Orlando to beat Sacramento at home), so I went outside of the box.

Today, the Rays are playing the Pirates in a spring training game at 1:05. The Rays are starting basically a triple-A lineup. And pitching some guy. The Pirates, on the other hand, have most of their starters in and are sending AJ Burnett, Wandy Rodriguez and Gerrit Cole out there today. At -115 straight up, I had to jump.

So let's see how this goes. SPRING TRAINING BASEBALL! Do not catch this particular fever.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finally lost

Damn it, Indiana's crazy runs on Friday pushed that game over and I finally have a mark in the loss column. OKC over and NHL home goals -1 both hit, so that 2-1 night brings me to 9-1 on the year.

I'm kinda hungover again, so I'm keeping it brief. The Nets are getting 2.5 points in NOLA, and I think that's stupid. So I'll take them Brooklyn Nets +2.5.

If I recover tomorrow I'll make an NFL mock draft. Peace.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Meat's Going to Break the Sportsbook


The Spurs won going away last night against the Clips, bringing me to a perfect 7-0 since I started tracking post-NFL bets on here. This streak still has me being conservative about bets, so I'm not going to throw out a 5-pick Friday or anything.

But let's see what we have.


I've been hitting OKC overs all season, so why not take another? This has 115-98 written all over it. Ride them points.


Annnnnd I've been hitting Pacer unders as well. Detroit is terrible, and seems to be a lower-scoring team that plays some D. Pacers play lockthefuckdown D. This one will end something like 30-28.


Florida plays in Pittsburgh, where they've been terrible. Chicago is awesome and hosts San Jose. Vancouver goes into Nashville and is basically a toss-up. I don't like taking Pitt -1.5, but I do like home teams outscoring road teams. More of a fun bet than the 2 above, but I'm pretty confident in it.

So that's all we've got for today. Enjoy your weekend and make sure to follow @ninjakittieskb for updates on hot SOUTH FLORIDA KICKBALL OPEN 2013 action!!!!!!!!1

Running total: 7-0

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Pedro's going to hit 50 this year. Assuming he makes contact 50 times.

Ahhh, that time of year. MLB over/under win totals for 2013 came out! Actually, they came out last Friday, but I'm just finally getting around to them. 'Cause I have a fuckin' job, brah.

Anyway, let's go. I'll give each prediction one (low), two (med.) or three (high) stars based on my confidence in the pick.

- Arizona Diamondbacks 81.5

Arizona was 81-81 last year. Perfectly average. So you'd think it would be easy to just look at the numbers and see if they over- or under-performed last year, factor in a regression to the mean, and collect your winnings. But not so fast! Arizona hopped all up on the grit express and shipped out basically all of their talent for gritsters. Guys who play the game the right way. Guys who eat, breathe and ejaculate baseball. Those guys. The ones you build champions around.

However, in moving Justin Upton, they didn't get a return of prospects like you'd expect. Instead, they got a mix of decent players who play positions of need. While they shipped out Trevor Bauer, he really wasn't a part of last year's team. They also added Brandon McCarthy. They get to play the Rockies a lot. Who knows what to expect of the Dodgers. I can't see SF doing what they did again. I actually like this team winning, say, 84 or so games, being in contention late, and having the Joe Morgan gritster types cumming all over themselves about how you can only judge baseball players with your eyes and you need guys that love baseball and sleep with baseballs shoved in their asses. I know this is going to happen.

OVER - 2 stars

- Atlanta Braves 86

The recipients of the Upton deal, the Braves created a hole by including Prado. The outfield is stacked out of their minds, but...without Bourne, exactly how much did they improve by signing Beej Upton? Did they improve at all? Will they continue to throw lights out on the mound?

Well....I think so. They are the Braves. They always fucking do. They play in a division that includes the Nationals and a bunch of shit teams after that. Well, Phillies are iiiiite. They play the damn Mets and Marlins on the reg. They should win over 86, I think. I see Jason Heyward going off. OVER.

OVER - 2 stars

- Baltimore Orioles 76.5

Hmmm. Vegas didn't fall for their miracle season last year. Kind of thought this would be an easy one.  They won 93 games last year and it was a complete fluke based on one-run games but, I mean, 76.5? The offense last year was not a fluke. They have a bunch of good-hitting 20-somethings in their lineup. It's the pitching that concerns me. It wasn't great but it was average, however, it's full of no-names. It's not a bunch of league average pitchers who league averaged their way through a season league average-ally. It's a bunch of sucky starters who fluked their way to league average and won a bunch of one-run games with a bullpen that was lights the fuck out. Fangraphs had a post recently that showed that teams like this, teams that basically win off of the strength of a lights-out bullpen tend to regress mightily the following seasons. Remember when the White Sox won the World Series off that shizz? And seriously, look at Baltimore's pen from last season. It was lights out. The top 5 guys there threw 331.5 innings of basically 2.45 ERA baseball. That's like 22% of the entire total innings the team pitched. That's insane. It's going down.

But....76.5? That's too low. I see Baltimore as a 78-82 win team that overachieved. The division is going to be somewhat down again this year compared to previous years (outside of the Blue Jays, who went crazy this offseason). This isn't the 2009 AL East they are playing in. I'm taking the over again.

OVER - 2 stars.

- Boston Red Sox 79.5

 A large-market team, actually rebuilding. Now, while they did hover around .500 last season until a spectacular collapse down the stretch, I still don't think there's anything to be afraid of on this roster. I'm going to take an under on them.

UNDER - 2 stars

- Chicago Cubs 72

 I didn't see the Cubs being good last year. I don't see them as good this year. I don't see them as good next year or the year after or the year after. They have some guys coming up but most of their prospects seem to have failed to live up to expectations (that's what most baseball prospects do). I think they win somewhere in the 60s again, although it's tough to be thaaaat sure in the NL. The Central is a bit tougher this year with no Houston, though. So let's under them up as well.

UNDER - 2 stars

- Chicago White Sox 80.5

White Sox! I actually followed them last year. Now, there was another Fangraphs post about how the Sox have consistently, over the past 7 or so years, exceeded pre-season expectations. But I'm going to chalk that up to relative coincidence. Because I think this team falls flat on it's face this year. This is probably my MLB over/under sizzler. It's dripping wet.

For the first third or so of the season, Paul Konerko was basically Hall of Fame. Like, he was Stan fuckin' Musial through the end of June. Adam Dunn earned comeback player of the year before the All-Star break. The pitching was great - Chris Sale was a normal-year ROY candidate and finished 6th in the Cy voting. Peavy was uninjured and threw 220 innings of 120+ ERA+ ball. Jose Quintana? Gavin Floyd? None of this is going to happen again. AJ Pierzinsky had a career year. He's gone and wouldn't come close to duplicating it again if he weren't. This team started to sink down the stretch last year, and now they are all a year older and that slippage is going to continue hardcore into this year. This team is going to BLOW. I'm gonna put actual monies on this one.


- Cincinnati Reds 88.5

This team is as good as advertised. Yeah, the pitching could regress, and Chapman is no longer in the 'pen so they'll play far fewer 8 inning games, but they do get Votto back healthy and they add Hee-Sop Choi and they get Chapman as a starter and they play the Cubs a lot and I think they win 90 again. Unless Cueto is hurt for reals and Bailey regresses and Bronson Arroyo....ahhhh fuck it I like them, let's just get that hot, sexy over.

 OVER - 2 stars

- Cleveland Indians 77.5

 No idea what to think of them. They blew ass last year. They were good at the very start of the season but then they fell apart (man, the AL Central was awful). Their pitching is AWFUL. Awwwwwfulllll. Yeah, they added some nice hitters to their lineup and stole Trevor Bauer from the DBacks for a light-hitting all-glove shortstop, but is it enough? I don't know. I don't think so but I'd save my money.

UNDER - 1 star

- Colorado Rockies 71.5

This team sucks. How are they going to win 70 games? How? Someone please explain it to me. Actually, I'll let Vegas explain it to me. Money talks, bitches!


*2/22/13 correction: wrote OVER instead of UNDER. Clearly, I want the under on these douchers.

- Detroit Tigers 90

Detroit 'underachieved' last regular season and 'slept-walked' their way to an '88-74' regular season record. While Cabrera won't win the triple crown again, the rest of them (and no more Delmon Young) should pick their games up and hit 90 wins pretty easily. Especially given the way the rest of the division sucks. I expect the pitching staff to be better as a whole, too. This is like a 2.5 star pick.

 OVER - 2 stars

- Houston Astros 59.5

Fighting Miami for worst team ever. Playing in the AL West. Getting beat down on the reg. I think they win 7 games. 2.5 star pick.

 UNDER - 2 stars

- Kansas City Royals 79

I don't see it. What the fuck are they doing raiding the farm to build up a 72-win team? They are still starting Jeff Francouer. Another Cleveland type pick in that I'm not too confident but gut feeling, I don't see it. I hate the AL Central. Least favorite divish.

UNDER - 1 star

- Los Angeles Angels 89.5

 Underachieved to 89 wins last year. Added Hamilton, but will Trout still be all-world? Will Pujols show up on time this year? I don't know. I think under but it's not a very strong conviction.

UNDER - 1 star

- Los Angeles Dodgers 90

Fuck these jokers. I love watching them crash and burn. They added every piece last season and still sucked down the stretch. Couldn't even get a wild card? So you think adding Grienke is going to put these sad sacks over the top? I bet they disappoint again. At least I hope they do. Keep batting Dee Gordon leadoff, Mattingly. He's fast!

UNDER - 1 star

- Miami Marlins 64.5

Way, wayyyyyyyyy under. This is not an MLB team. This is a joke. This team was a joke last year and this year is the punchline. How in the fuck are they going to win 65 games when actual legit MLB teams didn't win 65 games last year?  This is a travesty. They may be worse than Houston. No one is going to pitch to Stanton. He's going to hit 14 HRs with a .748 on-base percentage. And then he'll be stranded every inning by Logan Morrison's annoying ass. I unfollowed Morrison on Twitter because he is such a d-bag.Stanton may wish that Morrison un-follows him in the lineup.


- Milwaukee Brewers 79.5

Guhhhh. This team sucked last year, pretty much gave up on the season, and STILL won 83 games. They just hit lights out in their park, no matter who they have in the lineup with Braun. Assuming he's not suspended for doing steroids again. I know Corey Hart is out for a bit and their pitching is a bit of a question mark but they always win 80 games and should do it again.

OVER - 2 stars

- Minnesota Twins 64.5

I don't know. Based on the fact that I have everybody else in this stupid division collapsing (well, outside of Detroit), I should expect a slight bump for Minnesota, right? Sure.

OVER - 1 star

- New York Mets 74

 They won 74 games last year, and they are going to suck harder this year. Why not even re-sign Scott Hairston for the $2.5 mil a year that he wanted? And no Dickey? He won like, 30% of their games last season. Zach Wheeler and Matt Harvey had better be as advertised. I'm taking that under.

UNDER - 2 stars.

- New York Yankees 86.5

Taking the over just based on Yankee-ness. They shouldn't be anything special but they should probably find a way to win 87. Right? No Swisher, no A-Rod, no....whoever the fuck else...ahhh they always win I'll just take a win.

OVER - 1 star

- Oakland Athletics 83

I don't think they were that flukey last year when they won 94. Losing McCarthy hurts, and Reddick may not hit like he did last year, but Cespedes should take a huge step forward and they also get to play the Astros a lot. I'm only giving this a star because of how crazy unexpected last season was but I do think they'll win at least 85.

OVER - 1 star

- Philadelphia Phillies 81.5

81-81 last year, in a disappointing season. Now they have a healthy-ish Howard (who is overrated but should still help), a Chase Utley that says he's better now, and an adderall addict at catcher who exploded onto the scene offensively last season. Can he do it again? Maybe. They should go over .500 at least. Unless, of course, they give Delmon Young 600 ABs. They probably will.

OVER - 2 stars

- Pittsburgh Pirates 79

Fuck. The Buccos. I expect them to break the under-.500 streak this year, making this an obvious over. They added a lot of depth to the pitching staff. The young hitters are a year older and more advanced.

But...they collapsed two years in a row. 2011 made sense but 2012 was a straight up fucking nightmare collapse. There's a chance Andrew McCutchen put up a career-year that he'll never duplicate. I am only giving them one star, because, well....they are the Pirates.

OVER - 1 star

- San Diego Padres 74.5

They seem to have themselves a decent team but still only won 76 last year. One of their young guys was just suspended for 50 games. I don't know. I expect them to win more than 75. If even just because, well, they should.

OVER - 2 stars

- San Francisco Giants 86

I don't know how they do it. I don't think they'll do it again. But 86 games isn't "it". Will Lincecum continue to suck? If he doesn't, that will make up for Zito going full-Zito in 2013. I guess I'd have to say over. But with next-to-no confidence.

OVER - 1 star

- Seattle Mariners 76.5

Justin Upton saved Jack Z from himself, and they may have gotten a smidge better this offseason. Maybe. However, I don't think the rest of the division is as good this year as it was last year. Plus Houston comes into town. Assuming King Felix doesn't fall apart, they should win more than the 75 games they won last year.

OVER - 2 stars

- St. Louis Cardinals 85.5

They seem to consistently run between 82 and 90 wins. So this is a toss-up. And I'll hope for the Buccos sake that it tosses down. They have a bunch of great young players on the way, so in 2014 watch out, but in 2013 I'm gonna saddle them with a down year.

UNDER - 1 star

- Tampa Bay Rays 86

They won 90 last year, but needed a late hot streak to do it. They also traded away their second best pitcher, who even if he were still there would be hard-pressed to match his 2012 performance over 220 innings. Plus, Fernando Rodney randomly had like, the greatest relief season in history. Really, take a look at it. It was in-fuckin'-sane. Coupled with the loss of BJ Upton, and Wil Myers being a 2014-and-on pick up, I don't think having Evan Longoria healthy at the start of the season is enough. They may struggle to hit .500 this season.

UNDER - 2 stars

- Texas Rangers 87

This team lost a lot. And didn't really add anything. Half-hearted under, even though they get to play Houston.

UNDER - 1 star

- Toronto Blue Jays 86.5

I don't like super teams, but seeing other teams in the division slip, and all that they have added, I feel like they should easily win 87, no? Don't really need to rehash what they've done. Everybody knows they added the Marlins.

OVER - 2 stars

- Washington Nationals 90

And, finally, Washington. This team is stacked. Bryce Harper will be a year better. The pitching is young and awesome. Strasburg gets to pitch 700 innings this season. Another one that needs little explanation, and I see them fighting for 100 wins this season.

OVER - 3 stars

You trust Big Daddy Meat, don't you? Go spend yo' cash!


Yeah, it's been awhile. I've been hungover for like 6 days.

Anyway, the Canadiens and Panthers played the standard boring hockey I expected last week and I lucked out with a 1-0 Montreal victory. That makes me 6-0 now on non-NFL bets. Yeah, I lost the NBA slam dunk bet but f that, that was in the comments. Shit don't count.

Hadn't bet since, although I wanted to. Wanted to take Boston -7.5 over LALakers last night. Good thing I didn't, as they got waxed. Didn't even know the Pens were playing the Flyers...probably would have done my over thing with them, but that's just speculation. Anyway, let's find something for tonight.


Both teams are hot, but San Antonio is a little hotter and they are getting three points. Whythefucknot? No real alternative NBA options tonight. Bulls are only getting 3 over Miami and that one's tough to take.

Man, betting on hockey sucks so this is all I've got tonight. So let's keep riding that wave. And see if Daddy Long Penis chimes in in the comments.


On to MLB over/unders next.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick Update

Just one quick bet tonight; liking the Canadiens straight up down here in South FL tonight against the Panthers. Getting -115 on it. The Canadiens aren't world beaters or anything but Florida sucks. Both teams are boring as hell, so I won't watch it. So boring that I won't even touch the over, even though it's only 5.0.

Record sits at 5-0. Going for 6 straight. Get it, Quebecois.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dripping Wet Wednesday

A Google search for "Wet Wednesday" brings you pretty much just what you'd expect. But hey, there was a sign!

Event 1:Phoenix Suns at LA Lakers
Play Time:2013-02-12 22:40
Selection:Phoenix to win
Odds:Point Spread (+9.0) -110
Final Score:LA Lakers 91 Phoenix 85

That's how you keep it going. Seems like the majority of NBA games, almost regardless of who is playing, are within 10 points. I also thought about taking Sacramento +11.5 against Memphis last night...that was a 7 point game. The other bet I was considering was Houston +4.5 over Golden State and they went ahead and won by 9. But hey, hindsight is 20/20. The only actual bet was the above and that makes it 5 in a row for the Meat. Get some.

I have no idea what happened last night, I guess Dwight Howard was motivated after his little catfight with Steve Nash and I could have lost big, but Kobe went all....I don't even know who he went. He didn't even attempt a shot until the third quarter (!!!!!!!) and only 8 overall, hitting one of them for 4 points. He turned the ball over 9 times. They still won. Whatever, I'll take it.

Running total: 5-0

I don't like anything available tonight. I know it's dripping wet Wednesday, but...just not feelin' it. I was thinking about Atlanta -3.5 @ Orlando but...I just don't want to put money on an NBA road favorite. The Magic have actually kept it close at home. On the road they get blown out, so I'll just hold off until they leave that desolate city of theirs.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday 2/12 Bets

16 dollars, y'all.

Last night's bet:

Event 1:Brooklyn at Indiana Pacers
Play Time:2013-02-11 19:05
Selection:Brooklyn to win
Odds:Point Spread (+8.5) -110
Final Score:Indiana 84 Brooklyn 89

4-0, dogs. Brooklyn had a rough second quarter but outside of that, they pretty much owned this game. Getting 8.5 points to do it? That was an easy bet. Didn't like this game enough to take it on the moneyline...would have been nice, but - you do lose a lot of games betting that way. That's why I only like to take NBA and NFL moneylines in extreme cases these days.

Let's keep it rolling.

BET 1: Phoenix @ LA Lakers, Phoenix +9

Love big spreads, hate the Lakers, so this was a pretty easy bet according to my parameters. I really couldn't decide if I wanted Portland +11.5 @ Miami, but thankfully this bet stepped up and allowed me to bet against the LA Trainwrecks. Phoenix sucks, but so does LA. Their offense is a joke, if you even want to call it an offense. Watch this team play against Oklahoma City. Watch them play against Miami. It's like LA is playing a different sport. A different, much more boring and simple and inefficient sport where 34-year old Kobe Bryant, he of like 830,483 NBA basketball games, pretends that he's 25 still and runs 89% of the offense through himself. Dwight Howard and his compression sleeves is allowed to touch the ball when he rebounds it. Pau Gasol occasionally shows up when he isn't hurt (he's hurt now). This team sucks and yet they still get big spreads because they are LA. I'm happy to take them. So let's hope they don't let me down.

I know nothing much about Phoenix other than they suck. This bet is all about LAL.

Andddd the only other bet I'm considering is Houston +4.5 @ Golden State, but...I just have a bad feeling about it. I love Houston - they are like the opposite of the Lakeshow - and they've been rolling, while Golden State has faltered...but, the Warriors were struggling there on the road, they are back at home, they've had three days off, they have new jerseys with motherfucking sleeves...and I just can't pull the trigger.

All NHL bets suck tonight, so I'm going to go with another single-bet night. I miss you, NFL.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Friday's bet - Oklahoma City/Phoenix over - was a success. Killin' it!

I placed two bets over the weekend and lost both, but I'm not counting them since they were not included hear. That's how it works.

Anyway, just one on the docket tonight.

BET 1: Brooklyn @ Indiana, Brooklyn +8.5

I mean, I know Indiana is good and the Nets are struggling a bit, but 8.5? Some Indiana games don't even feature 8.5 points total. Give me the Nets and the points.

Today, I am hungover and tired and guhhh. I'll come back strong tomorrow.

Non-NFL record since I started counting: 3-0

Friday, February 8, 2013


Two wins yesterday, 5 for my last 5. 2 for the last 2 I've advertised on here. Dougs, that sexy, dripping-wet cash is out there. All I'm asking you to do is win it with me.

Event 1:Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins
Play Time:2013-02-07 19:05
Selection:Over to win
Odds:Over (5.5) -125
Final Score:Pittsburgh 5 Washington 2

As I explained yesterday, this was essentially a bet on Pittsburgh without having to bet on Pittsburgh. I figured that if the Pens stayed hot, they'd score enough goals on their own to hit the over (they just about did). And if they did not, they'd give up enough goals to hit the over. The former happened. These guys are on fire right now. This happened last year and even after they lost that fire, overs were still being hit. I don't know if topbet is only keeping them at 5.5 right now due to the uncertainty with the lockout, but if it were my site, I'd bump some of these up to 6 and 6.5.

Event 1:Chicago Blackhawks at Phoenix Coyotes
Play Time:2013-02-07 21:05
Selection:Chicago to win
Odds:Point Spread (-1.5) +255
Final Score:Phoenix 2 Chicago 6

This one was just a bet on the odds, and it came through. Chicago was up 4-0 at the end of the first period and just had to hold Phoenix off to win. And it's not too hard to hold Phoenix off.

So that brings my total on side bets to 2-0. At this point, you may want to fade me because this can't keep up. I only see one bet tonight that I like enough to put money on:

BET 1:


Can you not see OKC putting up 120 or so on Phoenix? I can. I just need 95 or so from the Suns and I think that they can get it. Blowout type games seem like they go over a lot, anecdotally. This one will probably look like the NBA all-star game in the 4th quarter.

Also considering:

Orlando +245 straight-up at Cleveland - a battle of two terrible teams, one of which has owned the other (ORL has owned Cleveland). I like getting 2.5:1 odds on the Magic, but they've sucked lately and Cleveland has been killing it. So I'm going to hold off.

NYK @ Minnesota, Minn +6.5 - I like the home team getting almost 7 here, but I don't like it enough to pull the trigger.

Golden State @ Memphis, Under 191.0 - Golden State has been struggling, and their road trip continues tonight at Memphis. Memphis's D is almost as stifling as that of Indiana. However, I'm not feeling it enough to take it. Golden State will probably suck again, but they've been terrible defensively on this road trip. I'm also averse to most NBA and NHL unders, except for when Indiana is involved. They have an O/U of 188.0 tonight hosting Toronto which is also tempting, but not tempting enough. I've learned not to bet just for the sake of betting.

Andddd I guess the Toronto/Indiana Under 188.0 mentioned above. That works out to a 95-93 game, and I can definitely see one of those 87-79 deals tonight. But, just not feeling it enough right now. I think I'm letting the 5-game winning streak get in my head, because this looks like one I'd usually take.

So, there you have it. Those are my top 5 tonight, although I'm only putting actual money on one of them. If I had to take 5 bets, those are the ones I'd take.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Makin' Some Bets yo

Alright, so my Super Bowl prediction didn't ride. I was second-guessing it the entire last week but I stuck with it because, well, I had already placed it. And I still liked them Niners. But they had been making too much of a habit of getting down early and trying to come back at the end. Can't live like that.

Anyway, football's over. But Heat and Meat is not. Alright! I have been making small NBA and NHL bets over the last month (mostly NBA, as NHL betting is weird), but I haven't been putting them here first. I thought about it yesterday but didn't have time. I should have, as:

Event 1:Indiana Pacers at Phila. 76ers
Play Time:2013-02-06 19:10
Selection:Indiana to win
Odds: +120
Final Score:Phila. 69 Indiana 88

BAM! That one was easy money. Indiana, who is good, was a 2.5 point underdog going in to Philly to play the 76ers? The same 76ers that ARE SO BAD THAT THEY ARE CURRENTLY SELLING TICKETS FOR FOUR CENTS EACH? Yeah. They were getting 2.5. Theeeee fuck, son.

Event 1:Houston Rockets at Miami Heat
Play Time:2013-02-06 19:40
Selection:Houston to win
Odds:Point Spread (+8.0) -110
Final Score:Miami 114 Houston 108

CH-CHING! That one was much closer and could have gone either way. But - I just like big spreads in NBA games. Could you have seen Miami losing this one? I've been parlaying them on moneylines for games in which they are huge favorites and I sure could. They maybe won half of them. I knew Houston had just played at home (and dominated, but off 3s) the night before so there is travel and all that, but...I took the chance with a big spread on a team that I thought could win and they got it done by 2 points. Could have gone either way but, that's betting for ya.

Event 1:Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder
Play Time:2013-02-06 20:10
Selection:Over to win
Odds:Over (213.5) -110
Final Score:Oklahoma City 119 Golden State 98

POW SON. I thought this was relatively easy money but, it really is tough to call NBA over/unders 'easy money' because there's so much luck involved as know, are your shots dropping. This one barely covered (217 total) on a game I expected to be about 125-118. Golden State played in Houston yesterday (gave up 140+ in the game I mentioned above), so a trip up to OKC isn't a huge deal travel-wise. But, whatevs. They got it done for me.

Now, you can say "Meat - this is all ex-post-facto here. You could just be making this shit up. You may have lost these bets or lost others that you didn't report! Yeah, well - first, suck my d. Second - you're right. So I'm going to try to be better about posting the bets I like here prior to the games actually, you know, happening.

Let's get started.

BET 1:


NHL betting is weird. Each game has a spread of +/- 1.5 and a moneyline. For matchups v. good and bad teams, the +/- 1.5 line gives you the standard -110 payouts, but this is the NHL and it's hard to bet on a team to win by 1.5 (however, these are great when you get to take an underdog that you think has a good shot and on top of that, you get a goal and a half). But over/unders are a little more preferable for me.

Each over/under is basically 5.0 or 5.5. In this one, not only am I expecting a 6-4 type of game, I'm also riding the Penguins recent hot streak. They have been scoring about 5 goals a game by themselves. Admittedly, I would have taken the Islanders over the Pens on Tuesday but I forgot to bet. The Islanders KILL the Pens, hell - they just dominated them a week and a half ago. But lo and behold, the Pens kept it going and just covered at 4-2. Sooooo let's just do over/unders for a bit. If you like Washington here, you can get them +1.5,'re only getting a -165 payout. Doesn't seem worth it. And I don't like those queers. I also don't like the Pens at -1.5 but at +145 odds I had to think about it.

BET 2: 


Now, I don't love this matchup, as Chicago has cooled off a bit and Phoenix doesn't suck, but...I'd take Chicago to win. So, how can I pass up +255, or basically, 2.5:1 odds? You put down $100, the Blackhawks win by 2 goals, and you win $255. That's a chance I'm willing to take.

Not really liking anything else tonight, so I'll just let those ride.

Peace out dougs!